The Lolo African Children's Foundation was inspired by the humanitarian work of Mrs.Lolo Mary Ahanotu, a Nigerian mother of ten, who nonetheless provided aid, comfort and resources to countless additional children whenever she found a child in need. Mrs. Ahanotu's dying request to one of her sons was that he pay the remaining college tuition of one of her "orphans" and that he buy a sewing machine for another who was completing training to be a seamstress.

This humble woman was well known in her hometown of Umuaka and in the neighboring city of Enugu for her kindness, courage and strength. Her and her husband of over 50 years dedicated their lives to enriching the youth by providing food and shelter, building schools and maintaining fellowship in the community. In efforts to keep the living light of love and compassion she ignited, Lolo African Children's Foundation continues in her memory.


Our mission is to meet the unmet health, education and housing needs of the children in Sub-Saharan African countries. Our goal is to extend the charitable reach deep into the rural areas and isolated villages to serve the children and youth residing there whom, because of remote location, are not currently served by local charities and aid services.

Our Vision

LACF Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Ossy Ahanotu has a keen understanding of the extreme needs and challenges faced by the children’s of Sub-Saharan Africa. With the establishment of the LACF, he envisions a wider network for distribution of charitable assistance to these children. His passion and commitment to the mission of the LACF is evident in his tireless effort and in the execution of every program.

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Lolo Mary Ahanotu (1922 – 2000)

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